About Us

Meet The Stylists behind Nicki Roxx:

Nicki Galper (aka Roxxy) and Elana Solomon (aka Fancy) are the luxury fashion stylists and designers behind the brand Nicki Roxx. Founded by Galper in 2018 after Galper realised there was a demand in the market for affordably luxurious jewelry/accessories that could elevate a look without breaking the bank.

In 2020, true friendship, love of fashion and styling as well as a shared visual vision, lead Elana to join Galper and Nicki Roxx to collaborate on the collection!

Nicki Roxx is a collection for everybody. Worn as an ultra chic statement piece or stacked together for an on trend finish, the collection makes women feel effortlessly chic and ultra glamorous.

We, are the Nicki Roxx customer; entrepreneurs, sisters, fashionistas, friends, culture vultures, jet setters, lover of fine things. Like the women who wear Nicki Roxx, each piece from the collection is a work of art. Wear Nicki Roxx and you are the ultimate work of art.

We believe here at Nicki Roxx More is More! You can never have enough Roxx!

Xoxo Nicki & Elana
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